Lola the Fridge

So, Tyler went to Lowe’s on Saturday.  Saw a fridge on clearance for $750 (down from $1500) and couldn’t stop thinking about it.  Saturday night, he’s sitting around drinking beer, thinking about this fridge.  Lowe’s didn’t close till 10, so he called around 9 pm to ask if it was still there.

The manager lady said, “Yes, it’s still here and I just marked it down to $601.”  Hold wasn’t good enough, Tyler bought it over the phone.

Lowe’s delivered it on Sunday.  Plugged it in, but it kept beeping.  Turns out, they borked up the door sensor for the freezer (the door sensors are in the hinges on the top) and the freezer didn’t know the door was closed.  We could see the LED lights were still on through the ice dispenser.

Tyler fixed the door sensor and ordered a water line kit from Amazon.  Got the water line hooked up in the basement and drilled a little hole in the kitchen floor to run it.

Monday, which I had off, I worked to transfer all the stuff from the old 80’s fridge to the new fridge.  And threw a lot of moldy food on the compost pile, my goodness.  The old fridge was definitely not “food safe.”

Tyler got the water line hooked up and it’s producing cold water and ice.  The ice maker doesn’t work if it detects the door is open, we think that’s why Lowe’s said the ice maker was “defective” and marked it down so much.  Though Tyler did have to replace some of the water line.

Tyler’s been really enthusiastic about the fridge and the deal.  Cause the deal was amazing.  And the fridge is amazing.

Anyway, this evening, Tyler asks “Do you want to name the fridge?”

Me:  “You want to name it Lola, don’t you.”

Tyler:  “Now I do.  We shall call her Lola.  And she shall provide us ice and water and food.”

Me:  Facepalm

Yes, the fridge is now named Lola
Here’s Lola, keeping the beer cold at a precise 42 degrees.