Keeweb on NextCloud 13

So, I updated to NextCloud 13 and didn’t realize how much I’d miss Keeweb.

I use Keepass on my home desktop and sometimes need to access stuff in that database elsewhere. I usually keep the Keepass db updated on my NextCloud installation to back up the file.

I was disappointed it didn’t support 13, but then I found this:

And made this simple edit:

root@miss [~]# grep 13 /home/cloud/public_html/apps/keeweb/appinfo/info.xml
nextcloud min-version="11" max-version="13"

And that worked!

SSH on Port 995

So, it turned out my workaround of putting SSH on the non-SSL IMAP port 143 wasn’t a great idea and I figured out something much more simple.

Of course, a cPanel update broke that workaround, so rather than futz with IMAP settings again, I disabled POP3.  That freed up 995 and 110.  So, I put SSH on 995 and cPanel doesn’t freak out with that.

Much easier, no need to muck with config files other than sshd_config, and it works just fine at the hospital with sshuttle.