Imported content from the “Southside XO Techs” Blog from Blogger

Way back in 2010, I set up Southside XO Techs on Blogspot (or Blogger or whatever Google’s Blogging service is called now).  That’s where I made notes on XO and XS stuff.

Anyway, now that I’ve got this WordPress thing, I went ahead and migrated the content from there.  That’s why you’re seeing posts in the archive here starting from 2010 even though I set this up for work practice in March of 2015.

I guess I’ll leave that blog up over there, though I haven’t posted to it in years.  Exporting and importing the xml file with all the posts was really easy.  Though it kept the image links the same, pointed at Blogspot, so I had to manually fix the images to be hosted here.

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